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Palm Beach real estate includes homes that sell for as high as $74 million but you can also purchase a condo as low as $51,000 so the price range of real estate in Palm Beach is certainly more diverse than its original history where only the wealthiest patrons were able to visit or live in Palm Beach.

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Now, a little of that history about what we know today as the Palm Beach real estate market. This Florida market was nothing but a coastal backwater until Henry Flagler built his first hotel on the beach in the 1890s. This was the 1100 room hotel Royale Poinciana and it was the largest wooden structure on earth. Flagler continued his development with the Palm Beach Inn, later named The Breakers in 1901. This was definitely a 1% wealthy destination and it was quite exclusive to that clientele. This destination laid accessible by the Florida East Coast Railway and there was no other comfortable way to travel south of Jacksonville and St. Augustine, at least by land.  To accommodate the growing number of wealthy clients, West Palm Beach was constructed both for the overflow and a place for resort workers to live out of sight. Over time more and more mentions and then less opulent homes began to be built to accommodate those who frequented Palm Beach and those who ended up living there year-round. For many years the real estate was so expensive that Palm Beach Florida was ranked as the richest ZIP Code, 33480, in the US. It still ranks at the top of places people live with the highest net average worth according to Forbes magazine.

Palm Beach homes and lifestyle

Famous people who live and owned homes in Palm Beach form a considerable size list. One of the most notable in today’s politics is Donald Trump.

A continuing stream of snowbirds make their full-time home in Palm Beach. Thus the real estate market continues to grow every year with the addition of people who wish to have a year-round subtropical climate after putting up with the incessant unpleasant temperament of northern climates.