This website is about Real Estate, Legal, Bail Bonds and Marketing. If you have questions or specific needs about these, you’re encouraged to start with the information we share and visit the sites referred to for specific services and information in those areas covered. You’ll find particular focus in real estate in Florida starting with Palm Beach and later down the road, in California. For legal and bail, it’s just California for now. That may extend to other western states in the future.

marketing spelled out

Marketing is opportunistic and everywhere. Our focus is on online marketing but any strategy that is worthwhile may be shared. We are proponents of the methods of Dan Kennedy who originally focused solely on direct mail direct inbound marketing. Interestingly, now there is much of Dan on the Internet but he still does not personally use or own Internet or even a cellphone. He lets others manage that and if he needs to travel, his assistant manages his schedule and he flies on a private jet.

The successful? They are almost all great sales people.